Standard Roll Formed Parts

Nu-Tech Roll Forming is one of North America’s premiere roll forming companies offering a wide range of standard roll form parts. Nu-Tech Roll Forming can work with you regardless of the size and scope of your roll form orders.

Nu-Tech has experience producing a variety of custom roll formed products, including roll form shapes, roll formed channels, angles, c-channels, j-channels, u-channels, hat sections, door tracks, panels, straps, supports, running boards, stiffeners, rails, cross members, hollow metal lite kit components and variety of other products and applications that are important to companies in need of specific steel roll form capabilities.

If you would like more information on standard roll formed parts that are available from Nu-Tech Roll Forming, please contact us so that we can get started on your project!

  • Channels 10 GA Max
    Channels 10 GA Max.
  • Hat Sections
    Hat Sections Numerous Heights
    Up to 12 GA
  • J Channels

    Various Widths
  • Angles Punched Unpunched

    Punched and Unpunched
    Up to 12 GA
  • Door Tracks

    Door Tracks
    2" and 3"

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