Custom Roll Forming

Nu-Tech Roll Forming offers custom steel roll forming for a variety of applications in a range of different industries. With our experience in steel roll forming, Nu-Tech Roll Forming can offer you excellent pricing no matter the size and scope of your custom steel roll forming needs.

  • Exacting standards at high production rates
  • Increased structural strength of part
  • Process consistency for reduced rejects and scrap
  • Most economical production process for continuous metal forming
  • Flexible tooling to produce multiple shapes, lengths and pierce patterns in various materials and thicknesses
  • Elimination of secondary operations

Nu-Tech specializes in custom metal roll forming, where our exacting quality metal roll forming standards allows Nu-Tech to deliver superior quality at high production rates. Custom steel roll forming allows your business to take advantage of our flexible tooling to produce multiple shapes, lengths and pierce patterns. If your company requires purchased formed components, you should consider custom steel roll formed parts to offer you the most consistent quality at the lowest price. Nu Tech Roll Forming is committed to our customers and can help you design and produce your custom steel roll form parts better and faster than others.

Nu-Tech uses a variety of steel materials for our custom steel roll forming, including cold rolled steel, hot rolled pickled and oiled steel, hot dipped galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and Nu-Tech can even work with pre-painted material for your custom steel roll formed materials.

When compared to aluminum extrusion, brake forming and stamping, Nu-Tech Roll Forming can offer a faster turnaround and higher quality product, benefiting your business by eliminating the requirement for secondary operations such as notching, piercing, and deburring, production speed is maximized, resulting in reduced assembly costs. Roll forming from Nu-Tech also generally increases structural strength over alternative processes.

To learn more about Nu-Tech and our custom steel roll forming capabilities, please contact us so that we can show you the Nu-Tech advantage.

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