Custom Roll Formed Parts

Nu-Tech is firmly committed to partnering with our clients to develop and manufacture custom roll formed parts when required. We will assist with your part design and engineering to help develop cost-effective parts to meet your needs. Tool design typically incorporates a number of secondary operations into one process, to achieve savings by reducing component parts and labor.

Nu-Tech has experience producing a variety of custom roll formed products, including roll form shapes, roll formed channels, angles, c-channels, j-channels, u-channels, hat sections, door tracks, panels, straps, supports, running boards, stiffeners, rails, cross members and variety of other products and applications that are important to companies in need of specific steel roll form capabilities.

Roll Formed parts can be turned around faster, at lower cost and higher quality when compared with alternative methods such as extrusion, brake forming or stamping. Secondary operations are eliminated, resulting in reduced assembly costs and increased structural strength.

If you are developing a new custom part, or would like us to help you engineer savings into an existing part, please contact Nu-Tech today.

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